Dog leashes

Dog leashes

Dog leashes

Dog leashes exist in all shapes and sizes.

Which dog leash should I purchase for my dog?

That depends on the size of your dog and of course on the type of belt that you like.

Do you like simple belts with a solid color or do you prefer a belt with a nice design?

Right size dog leash

When you purchase a dog leash, it is important that you choose the right dimensions.

The belt should of course sit comfortably with your dog.

With the collar it is important that there is sufficient space around the neck.

This must be between 1 and 1.5 cm.

Types of dog leashes

All our dog leashes have a soft handle.

This makes the belt comfortable and does not cut.

Our design belts are also double stitched.

This ensures that they do not start to fray.

We have belts in all kinds of different colors and we also sell belts with nice prints.

Dog leashes

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