Bovine rod +/- 25cm

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Beef bar is made from the finest quality cowhide. A pure nature healthy snack! Chewing supports the dental care of the dog, strengthens the gums and ensures that the dog does not get bored.

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Delivery Time +/- 2 dagen


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With DETANGLER & SHINE ™ from COWBOY MAGIC® knots and tangles disappear like snow in the sun. Even with the most unruly hair. Take a small bit of the Detangler & Shine on your fingers. Rub the knots and knots in and let this retract.

Prijs €7.10
Delivery time +/- 2 dagen

Mat Splitter detangler

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Simple but very effective means to cut tangles away. Mat Splitter is ideal for all long-haired dogs and cats. Unique safety design: the razor blade is shielded.

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Delivery time +/- 4 dagen

Chewing roots

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These meat cubes with deer are a healthy snack for dogs. This product can be given as a healthy reward during training or as a treat in between.

Prijs €17.50
Delivery Time +/- 2 dagen
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